Net Scope

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Sleep is a fundamental process, necessary in almost all living organisms. ¬†Recently, a comprehensive hypothesis concerning the function of sleep has emerged “the synaptic homeostasis hypothesis”. Briefly, according to the hypothesis, plastic processes occurring during wakefulness result in a net increase in synaptic strength in many cortical circuits. As a consequence, when cortical neurons begin […]


Intel vs Normal Hadoop Distribution

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Author: Yash Sikarwar,¬†Harpreet Singh Oxyent 1.¬†Introduction This blog compares the compute time for running Hive query (simple join) on normal apache hadoop distribution1 vs Intel Hadoop Distribution2. The comparison is done at various steps by increasing data set size to highlight the impact and importance of using Intel distribution in production scale enterprise applications. Computations […]


Entrepreneurship in global world

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I co-founded Oxyent in 2007 in India. Prior to that I was working in Intuit, San Diego, USA. I was a budding engineer who did his bachelors from a premier institute in India and further joined University of Wisconsin, Madison as a engineering PhD candidate. I worked as a research assistant under Dr. Giulio Tononi […]


Big data- does it mean applying more science on data or usage of Hadoop

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As a senior architect heading various enterprise projects at Oxyent, I am now chartered to work on big data analytics projects. For last few years I have been working in projects related to GPU, Hadoop using various languages like Java, Python etc. Projects always involved data and enterprise needs but seldom data was so important […]


Oxyent Agile Methodology

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Oxyent’s Project Management Any project in Oxyent is a business endeavour with a defined beginning and end undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives. Typically to bring about beneficial change or added value to our customers. Oxyent’s project management is our belief and values in discipline of planning, organising, managing, leading, and controlling resources to […]